1. Why should I use 3d Travel Metrics instead of my TMC survey results?

    Independence, reliability and validity. These traits have been proven by an independent research firm audit. Their summary report is available here. The full report is available upon request. The survey and resulting data have been independently assessed statistically and have been shown to be reliable.

  2. How reliable and unbiased is the 3d Travel Metrics survey instrument?

    Statistical reliability: Cronbach's alpha is greater than .93 for 3d Travel Survey. Any reliability coefficient over .85 is considered excellent.

    Neutral & Unbiased: 3d Travel Metrics questions do not force respondents who truly feel neutral on a given item to pick a positive or negative response. Our questions have been written by an independent survey research company with no vested interest in the outcome.

  3. How do the capabilities of 3d Travel Survey compare to the competition?

    3d Travel Survey has been built specifically to address the needs of your travel organization. Unlike out-of-the-box survey tools, our reporting, survey instrument and overall approach have been adapted using decades of extensive travel industry experience. The result is a survey process and set of technologies that far surpasses anything available today. See our comparison chart below for a detailed comparison.


3d Travel Survey: Feature Comparison

Category Feature Free Online Survey Tools Specialized Survey Tools Industry Survey Tools 3d Travel Survey
General Features Results based on travelers and arrangers, rather than one person for entire company        
  Survey of all travelers/travel arrangers for company opinion        
Experience Travel Management Program Expertise        
Reporting Reporting Dashboard        
  Comment Analysis and Dashboard        
  Analytics Provided for Any Combination of 7 Standard Demographics        
Survey Development Standardized Surveys Available for Corporate Travel        
  Customized Surveys Available for Corporate Travel        
Distribution Email Distribution        
  Email Bounces Worked        
  Smart Email Naming Tags        
  Scheduled Delivery Unique to Country/Time Zone        
Benchmarking Travel Manager Perception Survey Benchmarked to Actual Results        
  Core Questions Available for Benchmarks        
  Benchmarking against more than 90 TMCs        
  Benchmarking against more than 20 online booking tools        
  Benchmarking against more than 180 combinations of TMC and Online Booking Tool        
  Comment Benchmarking by Common Categories        
Accuracy and Reliability Survey Scale Validation as Best for Intended Purpose        
  Survey Questions Validated for Neutrality        
  Survey Calculations Audited and Validated        
  Survey Invitee List Integrity Validation        
  IP Audiitng for Survey Integrity        
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