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3d Travel Bidding

Get a “bird’s eye view” of your Corporate Travel Program with 3d Travel Metrics' financial analysis tools. Save time, eliminate frustration, evaluate your program, and improve your bottom line. You won’t find these high-impact tools anywhere else!

  • Simplify your financial analyses
  • Make easy bottom-line comparisons between candidates
  • Conduct multidimensional analysis of your bids(e.g. by country, by TMC, by air volume)
  • Compare your bids against industry benchmarks in a modular format

Here are some of the questions that our 3d Travel Bidding product addresses:

  • How do you fairly evaluate travel management company competitive bids?
  • Are consistent definitions adhered to?
  • Are all relevant price points included?
  • How can you project expected total costs?
  • How do online adoption changes impact the analysis?
  • Is the least expensive at today's online adoption rate the same as tomorrow's?
  • How can you track the value of the negotiation?
  • What benchmarks do you use to choose a global travel management company?

3d Travel Bidding takes the guesswork and headaches out of gathering the financial information you need to make the right choice. 3d Travel Bidding provides a simple format to evaluate comparable bids and delivers bottom line “scored” analysis in a timely manner, streamlining your financial analysis process.

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