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3d Travel SurveyIntroducing time-saving, multi-dimensional metrics tools that provide the information required to optimize your Corporate Travel Program. Our informational tools provide a three-dimensional view of your Corporate Travel Program while creating the ability to measure your company’s Corporate Travel Program metrics against industry benchmarks. When combined with our modular “drill down” format for multi-dimensional analysis, you'll gain a fresh, multi-faceted view of your program.

Your employees deserve the best from your Travel Management Company (TMC) and Online Booking Tool (OBT). Improve the experience of your travelers, arrangers, business unites and program managers with our survey product: 3d Travel Survey. Evaluate your travel program and view results in multiple levels and multiple formats (e.g. graph, table).

  • Improved traveler response rate
  • Compare your survey results to industry peers
  • View your results multi dimensionally (e.g. by country, by TMC, by Online Booking Tool)
  • Sort and view benchmarked data in a modular format
  • Analyze survey comments with unlimited data views

Base travel management company (TMC) questions on promptness, knowledge, efficiency, airfare/hotel/car relative to policy, ticket delivery, customer service and more. Base online booking (OBT) questions on usability, speed, features, ticket delivery, changes and effectiveness.

We have an extensive data set suitable for benchmarking across many different demographics...

Getting Started is Quick & Easy

External benchmarking

Provides comparative results by:

  • Travel Management Company
  • Online Booking Tool
  • Region
  • Country
  • Comment Types
  • Standard Survey Questions
  • Fortune 500 Category

We designed our survey process to take the burden off you. You simply provide your company demographics and participant distribution list and we do the rest. 3d Travel Metrics conducts online surveys to determine the performance of travel management company (TMC) and online booking tools (OBTs). We then report the results back to you – in an easy-to-understand format that gives you the metrics you need to make solid decisions.

We give you the ability benchmark your survey results with similar companies globally, regionally, or by country….your choice!



Capture & Analyze Results Your Way

Internal benchmarking

Provides comparative results by:

  • Traveler, Arranger or Both
  • Travel Management Company
  • Online Booking Tool
  • Custom Demographics
  • Standard & Custom Survey Questions
  • Region
  • Country

Survey data demographics include: business travelers, travel arrangers or a combination, travel management companies as designated (e.g., American Express, BCD Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, HRG and any others you request), department, business unit, functional area or product line). Or you may need multinational surveys or surveys that focus on one U.S. region. 3d Travel Metrics surveys balance the need to be client-specific with industry first benchmarking!

Discover satisfaction levels across your organization on such things as airlines, hotels, rental cars, sedan services, expense management, all based on results and comments sortable by suppliers.


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Independent, Reliable & Statistically Valid

3d Travel Metrics' survey instrument and resulting data have been audited by an independent research firm and judged to be independent, reliable and statistically valid. Their summary report is available here. The full report is available upon request. The survey and resulting data have been independently assessed statistically and have been shown to be reliable.

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